List your catering needs in order for a caterer to provide an accurate estimate for your party or event, you must communicate your needs clearly. Do you have a location for your party/event reserved and is there a kitchen on site? How many guests are coming to your event? Take into consideration that some of your guests may have special dietary needs and be certain to communicate this with your caterer.

We assure you of our best services to our fullest ability in making the function a grand success.
1. Mangala vadhyam
2. Pushpam
3. Mandapam Kolam
4. Mukurtha Crush
5. Vaideega materials
6. Ankumani Seer
7. Name board and arch
8. Spl. Tea / Coffee / Boost / Milk
9. High Quality Tiffin Varieties
10. High Quality Lunch Varieties
11. Seer batchanam
12. Arati,Pachai pudi yerpadugal
13. Kumbakonam Vettrilai, Seeval, Pakku, Beeda
14. Mandapam Cleaning Materials
15. Thamboolam bags with Printing (Sathukodi or coconut)
16. Named Pattu Pai
17. Kasi Yathra Things
18. Mappillai Special Seer